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Cherry Blossom Festival

Cherry trees, the symbol of Japanese spring, bloom from late March through early April, painting the surrounding landscape with color. Despite the short period of blooming, the blossom has occupied a special place in the hearts of the Japanese people since earliest times. This grand annual event of cherry blossom viewing is held from late March to early April in Suhara Park, the northern showplace, and Kijo Park, western showplace, for cherry blossoms in Kariya City. People come from all over the Mikawa area to enjoy the magnificent cherry blossoms in Kariya City with their friends and families. People picnic under the trees and sometimes the parties last late into the night and become quite lively. Cherry Blossom Festival

Daimyo Pageant

This traditional event was originally performed as part of a festival at the Ichibara Inari Shrine. The procession is performed by people in elaborate, colorful costumes who play the role of retainers and demonstrate a characteristic walking, which was unique to feudal lords’ processions referred to as “Yakko-no-neri”. The procession is joined by Lady Odai, as the role of the mother of Tokugawa Ieyasu, and her assistants. This event is held during the Golden Week holidays in every two years. Daimyo Pageant
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